Playa 4.5.2

Released on Nov 11, 2014

  • Fixed a bug that broke single-select Playa fields within Matrix.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting was not applied to Playa fields with a limit set.

Playa 4.5.1

Released on Aug 6, 2014

  • Added support for {element_name} variable tags in Content Elements field tag pairs.
  • Added an icon for Content Elements.
  • Fixed a PHP fatal error that could occur if more than once Content Elements fields were present in a channel.
  • Fixed a bug where setting Playa to show only editable entries would have no effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the Limit setting for Playa fields was missing.

Playa 4.5

Released on Jul 15, 2014

  • Added Content Elements compatibility.
  • Added support for disable="playa" on {exp:channel:entries} tags.
  • Fixed a bug where entries could appear multiple times in Playa selection panes.
  • Fixed a bug where all categories would appear in filters, not just those selected for Playa field.
  • Fixed a bug where Playa could work incorrectly on some MSM sites.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Zoo Visitor.

Playa 4.4.5

Released on Jul 23, 2013

  • Fixed a PHP warning on Playa fields which had the Categories field setting set.
  • Security improvements.

Playa 4.4.4

Released on Jul 12, 2013

  • Added a new ‘playa_parse_relationships’ extension hook.
  • When outputting child entries with {exp:playa:children} that span across multiple entries/fields/Matrix rows/Matrix columns/Low Variables, Playa now keeps the child entries grouped together with other entries in the same Playa field by default.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue between Playa and Low Variables.
  • Fixed a possible bug when updating to Playa 4 and EE 2.6+ in one go.
  • Fixed a bug where Playa might log the same deprecation notice multiple times in the same template.
  • Fixed some bugs with MSM support.
  • Fixed a bug when filtering entries by category ID, using the “not” modifier.
  • Fixed a bug where some Playa tags would always include future entries, even without show_future_entries="yes" set.

Playa 4.4.3

Released on May 10, 2013

  • Updated the Relationship field conversion script for EE 2.6.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when using PHP < 5.2 and EE < 2.6.

Playa 4.4.2

Released on Apr 23, 2013

  • ExpressionEngine 2.6 compatibility.

Playa 4.4.1

Released on Apr 17, 2013

  • Playa is now compatible with jQuery 1.9.
  • Fixed a bug where using the channel filter would only display entries from the channel with an ID of 1.
  • Fixed SQL errors that would occur on clean installs of Playa.

Playa 4.4

Released on Apr 16, 2013

  • Added Better Workflow compatibility (requires BWF 1.6 or later).
  • Added the ability to filter entries by member group.
  • Added the ability to only show entries which are editable by the current user.
  • Added support for CURRENT_USER and NOT_CURRENT_USER constants when filtering Playa relations by author.
  • Deprecated the {child:property} and {parent:property} tags within Playa tag pairs, in favor of the var_prefix parameter.
  • Drastically decreased Playa’s memory footprint in the templates.
  • Prevented several vectors of SQL injection attacks.
  • Fixed a parsing bug for nested Playa tags.
  • Fixed a bug where Site ID would not be applied as a filter on MSM installations.

Playa 4.3.3

Released on Jul 25, 2012

  • Fixed a MySQL error that would occur when updating Playa if Matrix isn’t installed
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Playa from parsing any variable tags that begin with ‘e’, ‘x’, or ‘p’

Playa 4.3.2

Released on Jul 25, 2012

  • Fixed a bug where Playa tags would randomly not parse on the front end

Playa 4.3.1

Released on Jul 24, 2012

  • Added the var_prefix= parameter to Playa’s module tag pairs and fieldtype tag pair
  • Added “Sites” field setting and “Site” filter to multi-select Playa fields (only visible if MSM is enabled)
  • You can now pass entry-specific tags into Playa’s module and fieldtype tag parameters, such as {entry_id} and {my_field_name}
  • Improved template performance
  • Changed the relationship keyword format to “[EntryID] [UrlTitle] [EntryTitle]
  • Relationship keywords now get saved into exp_matrix_data for Playa columns that are set to Searchable
  • Added new $data argument to the playa_fetch_rels_query extension hook
  • Fixed relationship deletion when Matrix rows are deleted, and added an update script that deletes any orphaned Matrix-based relationships
  • Fixed an “Array to string conversion” PHP error in PHP 5.4
  • Fixed a PHP error if entry_id= is set to a non-numeric value
  • Fixed a MySQL error when passing multiple entry IDs to child_id= or parent_id= params
  • Fixed a bug where Playa would only migrate the last selected MH Multi Rel field’s relations

Playa 4.3

Released on May 15, 2012

  • Added co-parent relationships via three new Playa module tags
  • When filtering entries in a Playa field, Playa now passes the ACT value in the post data, so it’s not lost in a .htaccess redirect
  • field=, field_id=, col=, col_id=, and row_id= params now apply to both sides of sibling relationships
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the arrow button in single-select mode would hide the dropdown just as soon as it was shown
  • Fixed a PHP error that occurred when updating Playa from an earlier version than 4.0
  • Fixed a MySQL error that occurred when using Playa module tags without an entry_id= param value

Playa 4.2.1

Released on Apr 20, 2012

  • Improved template tag performance
  • Fixed an EE error notice when accessing Low Variables with a Playa field
  • Fixed a bug where closing Playa module tags would show up on the front end of the site
  • Fixed a PHP error when using parent: and child: tags

Playa 4.2

Released on Apr 17, 2012

  • Added Low Variables compatibility
  • The entry_id= param now supports multiple piped entry IDs across all module tags
  • {exp:playa:children} and {exp:playa:parents}entry_id= param now supports multiple entry IDs separated by &&’s to get all of the common children or parents, respectively
  • Playa no longer uses the deprecated set_gmp() function
  • Drop panes’ JavaScript now triggers a “change” event when an entry is selected or deselected
  • Fixed a bug where the {exp:playa:siblings} tag would return all Playa children, rather than just the siblings
  • Renamed Playa’s language file back to lang.playa.php
  • Fixed a bug where the Output Profiler was getting included in keyword search results if there were no matched entries
  • Fixed CSS conflicts with NSM Override.css
  • Added new playa_field_selections_query, playa_save_rels, and playa_fetch_rels_query hooks
  • Fixed a bug where the single-select’s entries dropdown would disappear if you clicked on its scrollbar
  • Fixed the Ctrl-click behavior on Windows
  • Fixed a CSS glitch if there are less than two available or selected entries


Released on Nov 17, 2011

  • Fixed a MySQL error in the Playa 4 updater script if there were Playa relationships existing in both normal Playa fields and Matrix fields


Released on Nov 2, 2011

  • Fixed a bug where the entry list would intermittently disappear immediately after opening in the single-select UI mode


Released on Nov 1, 2011

  • Fixed MySQL errors on {exp:playa:children} and {exp:playa:parents}

Playa 4.1

Released on Nov 1, 2011

  • Added {exp:playa:siblings}, {exp:playa:total_siblings}, and {exp:playa:sibling_ids} tags
  • Added the child_id= param to {exp:playa:children}
  • Added the parent_id= to {exp:playa:parents}
  • :total_children and :total_parents now always return a number
  • Playa now uses $EE->TMPL->parse_variables_row() to parse relative entry tags (parent:/child:) so things like {parent:entry_date format="%F %d %Y"} now work
  • Tweaked the single-select UI so that the keyword search is always visible, no matter where the user clicked on the field
  • Ensure that there are no duplicate entries pulled in from the same Playa tag
  • Fixed bugs for better IE7 compatibility

Playa 4.0.5

Released on Apr 27, 2011

  • Added field and Matrix cell validation for if the field/cell is set to be required
  • Added an MH Multi Relationship field converter
  • Fixed a bug where Matrix cell tags would display the parent entry’s data rather than the child’s on some servers


Released on Mar 16, 2011

  • Removed print_r() statement

Playa 4.0.4

Released on Mar 16, 2011

  • Fixed some template parsing errors caused by :total_children tags which don’t have anything to return
  • Fixed a Javascript error in Internet Explorer when using the single-select UI mode
  • Fixed the orderby= param
  • Updated the Playa3 folder to Playa 3.1.2 for EE1 users

Playa 4.0.3

Released on Feb 23, 2011

  • Added “Show expired entries?” and “Show future entries?” field settings
  • show_future_entries= and show_expired= tag parameters are now set to “no” by default across all Playa tags
  • Fixed a security vulnerability with the dynamic_parameters= tag parameter
  • Fixed sort="random" tag parameter
  • Fixed a bug where total_children and total_parents tags would return the total number of entries when they should have returned “0”
  • Fixed a bug where Playa tags wouldn’t return anything after having already been parsed once in the same HTTP request
  • Fixed a bug where Playa’s fieldtype tags would only output once when the parent {exp:channel:entries} tag had cache="yes" set
  • Fixed a bug where Playa wouldn’t display entries being pulled from a different MSM site (The site tag param is required to get it working)
  • Fixed a Javascript error when using a Playa field within a Matrix field which doesn’t have any available entries
  • Fixed a bug where Playa fields wouldn’t display the correct entry status colors for statuses whose Highlight setting begins with “#


Released on Feb 7, 2011

  • Fixed a PHP error when using field= or col= params

Playa 4.0.2

Released on Feb 7, 2011

  • Added {if no_children} and {if no_parents} conditionals
  • Simplified the field markup a bit to improve Javascript performance
  • Fixed a PHP error that occurred when using Playa’s module tags on a template that has no {exp:channel:entries} tags
  • Fixed a CSS conflict with the Corporate theme that occurred when using Playa within a Matrix field

Playa 4.0.1

Released on Feb 3, 2011

  • Added a new “Filter Minimum” setting to the global fieldtype settings
  • Fixed several issues with fieldtype tag parsing by converting fieldtype tags to module tags before {exp:channel:entries} has a chance to parse them
  • Fixed a PHP error when using the :child_ids and :parent_ids tags
  • Fixed a bug where the Drop Panes UI wouldn’t display entries in the user-defined order
  • Fixed a bug where Playa fields within Matrix fields wouldn’t remember their field settings when using the keyword search or applying filters
  • Fixed a bug where the Single Select UI would show a large empty drop-down box if there were no keyword search results to display
  • Fixed the appearance of Drop Panes when there are less than three available entries
  • Fixed a couple CSS conflicts with the Corporate theme
  • Prevented the scrollbar from displaying when it’s not necessary in Firefox
  • field= parameters in {exp:playa} tags now respect the primary entry’s site_id
  • Improved SQL performance in templates
  • Updated the code examples in the Nested Relationships docs to use the :child_ids tag rather than the deprecated :entry_ids tag.
  • Added a note to the Updating Instructions to warn against uninstalling Playa before updating

Playa 4.0

Released on Feb 2, 2011

  • Dropped EE1 compatibility
  • New translucent Drop Panes UI
  • New single-select UI with autocomplete
  • New {exp:playa} module tags, enabling much more powerful templating
  • Relationships are now stored in exp_playa_relationships rather than EE’s built-in exp_relationships
  • Replaced “UI Mode” field setting with simpler “Allow multiple relationships?” setting
  • The filter bar above the Drop Panes UI now automatically becomes visible when 20 or more entries are available to be selected
  • Added Playa converters for Relationship fields and Solspace’s Related Entries module

Playa 3.1.2

Released on Mar 16, 2011

  • Added start_on= and stop_before= tag parameters
  • Simplified the POST data Playa passes to remember which entries are already selected, preventing a “Disallowed Key Characters” error
  • [EE1] Fixed a bug where Playa Drop Panes cells would not know their input names on newly created Matrix rows, resulting in a “Disallowed Key Characters” error
  • [EE2] Fixed a PHP error that occurred when deleting a Playa field without any relationships
  • [EE2] Prevented a PHP error that occurred when ExpressionEngine called Playa’s post_save() method without having called its save() method first

Playa 3.1.1

Released on Dec 15, 2010

  • [EE2] Relationships created by a Playa field are now deleted from the database when the Playa field is deleted (requires EE 2.1.2)
  • [EE2] Relationships created by a Playa cell within a Matrix field are now deleted from the database when the Playa column on the entire Matrix field are deleted (requires Matrix 2.1.1)
  • [EE2] Fixed a couple CSS quirks with EE 2.1.2
  • [EE2] Fixed an incompatibility with Solspace Super Search

Playa 3.1

Released on Nov 29, 2010

  • Added the ability to pre-filter entries by the current author
  • Added the ability to pre-filter entries by the current channel
  • Playa-based relationships are now properly deleted when their containing Matrix row is removed (requires Matrix 2.1)
  • Single primary tags (and empty primary tag pairs) will now return nothing, rather than fall back to the :ul tag
  • [EE1] Moved the language folder into the module’s folder
  • Added Upgrading Instructions to the Docs

Playa 3.0.10

Released on Nov 16, 2010

  • [EE2] Fixed template parsing when two fields from different MSM sites have the same name
  • [EE2] Fixed Drop Panes UI when used within Matrix and without filters
  • [EE2] Fixed a PHP error
  • [EE1] Fixed a Javascript error

Playa 3.0.9

Released on Aug 30, 2010

  • Added dynamic_parameters= param
  • Made all PHP includes use absolute paths
  • [EE1] Added Cloner support
  • [EE2] Added MX Cloner support
  • [EE2] Added autosave support
  • [EE2] Fixed incompatibilities with other add-ons using generate_json()

Playa 3.0.8

Released on Jul 27, 2010

  • Bundled documentation
  • Moved theme files to themes/third_party/playa
  • Added {rel_id} tag
  • No longer use Search module for Keyword filter
  • Show category filter even if there’s only one category
  • Fix Javascript error when jQuery is in noConflict mode
  • [EE2] Fixed PHP error on some servers when installing Playa
  • [EE2] Fixed PHP errors that would occur when saving an entry that didn’t have a Playa field
  • [EE2] Fixed Matrix compatibility in templates

Playa 3.0.7

Released on May 13, 2010

  • Fixed the offset and limit params
  • [EE2] Fixed the backspace param

Playa 3.0.6

Released on May 10, 2010

  • Fixed a Javascript error that occurred when using Select and Multi-select UI modes within Matrix
  • [EE2] Fixed a PHP error that occurred when saving an entry without any Playa selections

Playa 3.0.5

Released on May 4, 2010

  • [EE1] Fixed field setting saving

Playa 3.0.4

Released on May 4, 2010

  • Matrix 2 compatibility
  • Check for playa_site_index config setting as an alternative to the Site URL for running the Drop Pane filters
  • Fixed a bug that limited Playa fields to only display 100 entries when set to show all
  • Fixed a PHP error that occurred when installing the module separately from the fieldtype and extension
  • Keyword search no longer searches in comments associated with the entries

Playa 3.0.3

Released on Apr 16, 2010

  • [EE2] Fixed a bug that would cause problems while upgrading EE to 2.0.2

Playa 3.0.2

Released on Apr 16, 2010

  • Fixed some drag-n-drop weirdness
  • Fixed offset= and sort="random" params
  • [EE2] Added {count} and {switch} tags (already available in EE1 thanks to FieldFrame)

Playa 3.0.1

Released on Apr 12, 2010

  • Fixed the Statuses field setting
  • Fixed the weblog/channel tag param

Playa 3.0

Released on Apr 12, 2010

  • EE2 Compatibility
  • New, simplified Drop Panes UI
  • Lots of new field settings to define your available entries
  • Huge performance improvements in the Control Panel

Playa 2.1.4

Released on Mar 20, 2010

  • Fixed bug which caused Playa Drop Pane fields to freeze up while dragging items

Playa 2.1.3

Released on Feb 23, 2010

Playa 2.1.2

Released on Jan 18, 2010

  • PHP and Javascript performance improvements
  • Show future and expired entries in Keywords search
  • Fixed bugs that surface when using Drop Panes within an FF Matrix field
  • Properly escape single quotes

Playa 2.1.1

Released on Aug 12, 2009

  • Fixed a Javascript error (thanks `Karl! <>`_)
  • Changed the Keyword Search behavior to only initiate a search after the user has stopped typing

Playa 2.1

Released on Aug 3, 2009

  • Added group_id, category_group, entry_id, url_title, show_expired, show_future_entries, fixed_order, and sort="random" tag params
  • Added :ul and :ol template tags
  • New Multi-select and Select UI modes
  • IE support

Playa 2.0.7

Released on May 10, 2009

  • Added Multi-select UI mode to Playa celltype

Playa 2.0.6

Released on Apr 22, 2009

Playa 2.0.4

Released on Apr 19, 2009

  • Fixed {count} and {switch} tags

Playa 2.0.3

Released on Apr 19, 2009

Playa 2.0.2

Released on Apr 16, 2009

  • Fixed category filtering

Playa 2.0

Released on Apr 11, 2009

  • Drop Panes UI mode
  • In-field filtering and sorting
  • FF Matrix celltype
  • New template tag with status, orderby, sort, limit, and backspace params, as well as {count}, {total_related_entries}, and {switch} tag variables